• Is your closet full of clothes you haven't seen in years because you keep wearing the same 3 outfits on repeat?

  • Do you look at other bold women attorneys with their Valentino Rockstud pumps and red lipstick and think I couldn't pull that off?

  • Ever wish you could look like your best, most professional, "I know what the Hell I'm doing" self in front of your high net-worth clients?



 I'm Estelle Winsett, attorney and personal stylist for attorneys. I help successful women attorneys own their power and have more FUN with their professional wardrobes.

After 7 years as a commercial litigator and a lifetime student of style, I know what it's like to exist in a world of pencil skirts and button-up blouses AND how to STAND OUT while still looking professional. I'd love to help you do the same.



  • Walking into your closet and having 20+ complete outfits that look great and fit you like a glove

  • Never stepping into a deposition and being mistaken for the court reporter

  • Always commanding authority and respect when you walk into a room

    There is a world of fashion for women attorneys outside of J. Crew and Ann Taylor.


You don't have to stay stuck in a style rut looking like everyone else.
Because style and success aren't mutually exclusive.

My mission is to help women attorneys embrace their feminine side with their power as women evolve to the next level.

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