I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. My mother loves to tell stories of all of the times she took my older sisters shopping and would inevitably have to fish me out a dressing room. She also bemoans the fact that I always gravitated to the color black which she felt was completely inappropriate attire for a ten year old girl. Even then, I had my own style. It didn't matter if I was at Macy's or Target. I could find the perfect item of clothing.

During college, my friends always took me with them on their shopping sprees. I learned that my laser focus ability to find just the right clothing was not shared by all. What I found fun was actually a pain point for many of my friends.


I have always enjoyed creating outfits, and remember not wearing the same outfit twice for the first 6 weeks of my first job as an associate attorney. It was just what I enjoyed. But I began to notice that many of my law school friends complained about not knowing what to wear to court. They hated being mistaken for the court reporter when they went to take a deposition. It did a number on their self-confidence.



As Assistant Dean of Career Services, I spent countless hours helping women decide what to wear to job interviews, moot court competitions and summer internships.

This is why I started my consulting business. It is my passion. I love empowering women by helping them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

My services are geared towards female attorneys who are ready to invest in themselves and their signature style.


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